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Traffic from Mobile

TRAFFIC FROM MOBILE Mobile web design is an important part of user experience. In 2013, it was estimated that 30% of search engine traffic came from mobile devices. By 2015, it’s expected that 50% of search traffic will come from mobile devices. It’s so important, that it’s also a signal used in Google’s ranking algorithms.…
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Release the Pigeon

RELEASE THE PIGEON No, sorry the legendary sea creature is not coming to get you, no matter how cool that would be. Google has recently released the Pigeon, a new algorithm update that is coming after your local listings. Unlike their previous updates that affect online retailers and businesses, Pigeon affects traditional storefronts and businesses.…
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Decision Making

In the content marketing world, we all know that customers need to be gently guided to taking out their wallets. Before posting any content, it’s important to have the buyer’s journey in mind. Offering a guide in the buying process requires a two-pronged approach in your online content. When customers are starting their purchasing cycle,…
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Avoiding Over-Optimized Content

While many search engine optimization (SEO) companies will work hard to optimize your website, there is a fine line that can be crossed. Properly optimized content is vitally important to any website’s traffic. With Google creating algorithms that can penalize your site for manipulated content, it’s good to become familiar with the idea of over-optimized…
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Best Social Media Platforms

As the Social Media Marketing Manager at Lead to Conversion, I have experience managing several social media accounts. When new clients come to us for help with their social media marketing, the first question they ask is: Which social media platform is best for my company? While this is a very important question, my answer…
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First Ever Dual Application

First Ever Dual Social Network Application That Allows Businesses to Send Out a Direct Message to Anyone That Comes Within 200 Feet of Their Establishment Jiveocity is the first ever google-powered dual social networking mobile application that: 1. Offers any business worldwide the option to automatically send out a direct message to anyone that gets…
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