Decision Making

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Decision Making

In the content marketing world, we all know that customers need to be gently guided to taking out their wallets. Before posting any content, it’s important to have the buyer’s journey in mind. Offering a guide in the buying process requires a two-pronged approach in your online content.

When customers are starting their purchasing cycle, they want information about your products and services. They need resources readily available so they can research the item or service before making a purchase. This is where informational content comes into play.

Informational content is designed to educate visitors while on your site. When researching different products or services, customers often feel overwhelmed. This is where effective informational content can really set your company apart. This content should be written in a way that guides the customer to the answers they’re seeking. Avoid big blocks of text and give them the answers they’re looking for in a concise manner, without skimping on the pertinent details. The key goals you should focus on when writing informational content include:

  • Why your product or service is different from others
  • Answer the primary questions customers will ask as they begin their research
  • Guide them to the questions and concerns they should be focused on when making a decision, then explain how your product or service rises to these concerns
  • Offer clarity to any wrong impressions that your industry may carry
  • Provide information that will help customers clarify their needs and narrow their options

Once you help customers answer important questions, you have established yourself as a resource. This gives you an edge – proper use of informational content builds trust between customers and businesses. However, before expecting an increase in sales, there’s still one more step that needs to be executed in your online content: decision-making content.

Decision-making content gives customers a more in-depth understanding of your particular product or service. When a customer has reached this point in the buying journey that means you’ve made it to their narrowed options. This is your chance to not only continue education, but also “sell” them on your product or service. Decision-making content should provide the following:

  • Why your product or service is better than similar offerings from competitors
  • Provide detailed features of your product or service
  • Answer whether or not your product or service will apply to the customer’s application
  • Display the price and return on investment (ROI)
  • Offer reviews and testimonials to establish further trust

Decision-making content should also end with a call to action. This helps guide your customer to answers to any further questions they may have and shows that your business is accessible to them in case they have any needs in the future.

When you find the right combination of informational and decision-making content, this will not increase sales, but also build brand awareness and loyalty. In today’s online shopping environment, customers want information that’s easy to access and businesses offer this information in hopes of generating revenue. Combining these two types of content will help you better understand the buying journey for your customers and use it to your advantage.

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